“Smart and exciting like a thriller should be. Gripping from page one, Shadow of Eden is that perfect blend of Michael Crichton science and David Baldacci politics that keeps you up late at night compulsively turning to that next page.”
— William Gartner author of BIOTOXIN
SHADOW OF EDEN is my story told from the front lines of drug research and drug prescribing. I have looked at the dangers of drugs and drug research at eye level, held the hands of those affected by real damage from the drugs, yet I have also seen the amazing good that can be achieved by a new and beneficial drug. For my novel, I felt the real life consequences of ethical lapses could form the nucleus of a story that could be interesting, entertaining and informative at the same time. Didn’t Michael Crichton spend much of his career calling out the consequences of unchecked scientific hubris? But Shadow of Eden also takes the reader deep into the heart of international politics, of a president faced with a Tiananmen like massacre in China and how he chooses to manage it.
A just translated ancient Sumerian tablet launches a scientific expedition to discover the fabled Garden of Eden with an earthshaking secret objective but deadly forces intervene with only Rex, a derelict former scientist and ex-CIA bio-weapons expert, standing in their way. The Genesis Agenda weaves together Ancient Near East and biblical history with state-of-the-art science in a deadly collision of religion, greed and deception.

Shadow of Eden Trailer

With stunning realism and detail, Shadow weaves a chillingly plausible story that takes the reader on a non-stop rollercoaster of intrigue, murder, corruption and sabotage and uncommon heroism.


Louis Kirby is an author and a neurologist who specialized in neurodegenerative diseases, chiefly Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Throughout his life he has always been drawn to writing. While in medical school he published two of his stories, one landing him in hot water with the Dean of Medicine.

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