Anaphylaxis by Alan Wanderer

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Anaphylaxis: A Medical Thriller

Review: Anaphylaxis: A Medical Thriller 

By Alan Anson Wanderer

I thoroughly enjoyed Anaphylaxis. As a physician, I am often dubious about the medicine and how it is rendered (in the most offensive way) to make a plot line work. Dr. Wanderer does not. It is refreshing to see it happen like it really does in the real world. He clearly has been there in person. If you like your medicine delivered in scary bits that are both understandable and drive the plot, you’ll love Anaphylaxis. For those who do not know, it is a deadly immune reaction to an environmental trigger, like peanuts or bee stings. If not handled correctly, you can die from it in a matter of minutes. Doctors fear it. We train how to handle it, and we dread the moment we are faced with it.

Better yet, Dr. Wanderer tells an excellent story. The science serves the story and not the other way around. the characters were real, the buildup solid, and the twists unexpected, particularly at the end, yet the clues were there… Highly recommended.


Anaphylaxis: A Medical Thriller by Alan Anson Wanderer

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