China invade Taiwan? Leaps straight out of the pages of Shadow of Eden…




China Issues New Threats to Taiwan: ‘The Island’s Military Won’t Stand a Chance’

U.S. News & World Report (

China invade Taiwan? Leaps straight out of the pages of Shadow of Eden

I wrote the draft of my opening scene before 9/11. I wrote about a mysterious brain infection that affects the sense of smell… and I wrote about China’s invasion of Taiwan I hope that never comes to pass, but my batting average has been about 100% so far.

Now that Taiwan is in the news, I want to relate a small story. A neighbor read my book and emailed me the following:

Good afternoon Louis…….I have just finished reading Shadow of Eden and enjoyed it very much.  Do you have some past in Formosa/Taiwan?  I found that part all very interesting as well due to my years in the U.S. Navy and the time spent defending the Straits of Formosa, landing Marines on the Islands of Quemoy/Matsu, engaging in games of chicken with the Communist Navy and rescuing ROC pilots out from under the noses of the Communists.  Would be fun to chat with you about some of this when I see you and your faithful hound out and about.

In our discussions, he related amazing stories of bravery and daring as he indeed rescued downed pilots from Taiwan who were defending their small island from the great China bear. I love hearing from readers who have a personal relationship with some element of my book. Keep them coming!


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