New! Mad Cow Death in Texas

mad cow prion disease
new case of mad cow disease

Incurable Brain Attack Kills Another American

Mad Cow Disease, that prion based, irreversible brain disease has struck again in the United States, so says a CNN report. Mad Cow disease, otherwise known as vCJD (variant Creutzfeld-Jacob disease) is believed to be transmitted by eating meat from an infected cow. This bovine spongiform encephalopathy (called that because the brain looks like a sponge under a microscope) causes a progressive loss of coordination, strength, and mentation ultimately leading to dementia and death.

There is no treatment and no spontaneous remissions. In fact it is nearly impossible to diagnose during life.

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This chilling disease has a long latency during which the disease may be active before there are any outward manifestations. It might even become the basis for a prophetic novel called Shadow of Eden….

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