"Smart and exciting like a thriller should be. Gripping from page one, Shadow of Eden is that perfect blend of Michael Crichton science and David Baldacci politics that keeps you up late at night compulsively turning to that next page."

—William Gartner author of BIOTOXIN.

Your airplane scene was stunning and credible. Valerie G reviewer

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Diving plane dark rain clouds

. . . And then suddenly I am totally dragged into this world and fast-moving story that you have created and I am staying up late (!!!) to keep reading just a few more juicy chapters and don’t even want to read “Animal Vegetable Miracle” anymore (or do much of anything in the evening other than sip a cup of tea and continue plowing into it)!  I am actually somewhat mad at you, because it is so good that I am going to have to read it through, which might just jeopardize my ability to finish “AVM” on time for my book club discussion, and then won’t that be embarrassing!

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