Shadow of Eden

A call for a physician on board a 747 awakens Dr. Steve James. He is ushered into the cockpit where he finds an unconscious copilot and a delusional captain. Moments later, he is the only conscious person in the cockpit as the jetliner dives headlong towards Washington DC.

Dr. James is confronted by the puzzling but relentlessly progressive brain illness of the 747 Captain and a young woman each screaming from terrifying delusions, an illness that may be the forerunner to thousands more getting the invariably fatal illness.

Meanwhile, Secretary of State Linda Strahorn and President Robert Dixon watch in horror as China ruthlessly kills 30,000 peaceful worshippers in Hong Kong, broadcast by a single, ill fated TV camera crew. Secretary Strahorn and the White House Staff become alarmed as President Dixon becomes increasingly erratic in his management of the escalating confrontation with China.

With stunning realism and detail, Shadow weaves a chillingly plausible story that takes the reader on a non-stop rollercoaster of intrigue, murder, corruption and sabotage and uncommon heroism.