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New Interview by Patricia Zick Just Posted!

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Patricia Zick interviews Louis KirbyAuthor Wednesday – Louis Kirby

Author Patricia Zick interviewed me in December but just posted it yesterday on her popular blog site called Writing Whims. In it she asks me such questions about Shadow of Eden such as did my subject choose me?, What author influenced me the most? (you may be surprised), and who is my favorite character? 

We spend some time talking about the antagonists in the book, a particular topic about which I am passionate.  It takes a really good villain to make a great hero. Think Harry Potter’s Voldemort, Sherlock’s Moriority, and Skywalker’s Darth Vader.

We talked about characterization and what it takes to make a book come alive.

Through this whole time, I got to know and appreciate Patricia’s work and her care in putting out a substantial product day after day. I know that carries itself over into her novels as well. She has well regarded nonfiction and fiction books. You can read about them on her website.

I hope you enjoy the interview and as always, feel free to contact me at

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Shadow of Eden grabs you from the opening pages and never lets you go in a non-stop whirlwind of intrigue, murder, corruption and sabotage. Peter Glassman MD, author of THE HELIOS RAIN

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You are what you eat–so don’t eat…

51f20JsEXvLGlobally, obese or those who perceive themselves overweight need a pill to lose weight– the miracle drug Eden. Eden, the diet pill par excellence with “no significant adverse effects.” A pilot takes it and the plane nearly crashes. Dr. James, one of the original Eden investigators, finds its flaw. A fatal delayed brain degeneration leading to dementia and death. Eden’s makers will kill anyone who exposes the truth, especially Dr. James who must run for his life…

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