Upcoming Book – The Genesis Agenda

snake and apple

My forthcoming book is The Genesis Agenda, the first in a my new Origins Trilogy

A just translated ancient Sumerian tablet launches a scientific expedition to discover the fabled Garden of Eden with an earthshaking secret objective but deadly forces intervene with only Rex, a derelict former scientist and ex-CIA bio-weapons expert, standing in their way. The Genesis Agenda weaves together Ancient Near East and biblical history with state-of-the-art science in a deadly collision of religion, greed and deception.

I love history and science and in The Genesis Agenda I get to mix them up. Rex Argent is an edgy, character that was fun to write. He’s been dealt a rough hand from a backstabbing former lover who tried to steal his ground breaking DNA technique to his kidnaping and torture in Syria while he was a CIA bioweapons expert. He’s retreated to San Diego and has been teaching tourists to surf when his old friend and colleague from Berkley calls and makes an offer to Rex that he immediately turns down…

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