Louis Kirby is a neurologist who specialized in neurodegenerative diseases, chiefly Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Throughout his life he has always been drawn to writing. While in medical school he published two of his stories, one landing him in hot water with the Dean of Medicine.

He is founder of ZettaScience, LLC a company that plans to index global scientific data to accelerate scientific innovation and discovery. While in clinical practice, Dr. Kirby founded Pivotal Research Centers in Phoenix, a research facility that specialized in human drug testing and grew Pivotal into one of the nation’s largest medical research centers of its kind. During this time, He served as principal investigator on nearly 400 clinical trials. He frequently gave presentations at national and international conferences on drug development and consulted for the government and the pharmaceutical industry.

After selling Pivotal Research Centers to a publicly held company, he has served in various senior capacities for medical device, diagnostics and pharmaceutical firms. Dr. Kirby currently serves on the scientific advisory boards non-profit and for profit companies.
Louis enjoys the wide-open skies (and dry heat) of Phoenix with his beautiful wife and daughter

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  1. Thank you for your help on AA Flight 1359 on June 3rd. I’m sure you won’t be surprised to find out I was rushed to Banner Health Good Sam Saturday, June 8th. Needless to say Lima will have to wait till next year. I found an address in Paradiise Valley I’m going to try an mail to as well. Lastly Dr. Kirby, thank you for your research on Aleizhimer. We just lost my remaining uncle to the horrid disease. Lisa Fiorenze

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