New Interview by Patricia Zick Just Posted!

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Patricia Zick interviews Louis KirbyAuthor Wednesday – Louis Kirby

Author Patricia Zick interviewed me in December but just posted it yesterday on her popular blog site called Writing Whims. In it she asks me such questions about Shadow of Eden such as did my subject choose me?, What author influenced me the most? (you may be surprised), and who is my favorite character? 

We spend some time talking about the antagonists in the book, a particular topic about which I am passionate.  It takes a really good villain to make a great hero. Think Harry Potter’s Voldemort, Sherlock’s Moriority, and Skywalker’s Darth Vader.

We talked about characterization and what it takes to make a book come alive.

Through this whole time, I got to know and appreciate Patricia’s work and her care in putting out a substantial product day after day. I know that carries itself over into her novels as well. She has well regarded nonfiction and fiction books. You can read about them on her website.

I hope you enjoy the interview and as always, feel free to contact me at

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New Interview! “How Louis Kirby Writes – Great Writers on Writing”

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Seeley James Trench Coats

My  recent interview by acclaimed writer Seeley James, author of the Pia Sabel series. In it, Seeley opens with this question, “Your thriller Shadow of Eden has one of the most exciting beginnings of the year. How did that come about?” Cool. How can you beat that?

He goes on to ask about writing realistic dialogue, my favorite authors (some you won’t expect), how I keep it real, and the latest book to blow me away (this one is really from left field).


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My Latest Interview with AnnaMaria Bazzi

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Wherein I blurt out some personal secrets, talk about my villains and some other inside scoop about Shadow of Eden.


Chat with AnnaMaria with Louis Kirby

AnnaMaria writes books and also interviews authors that interest her. She and I sat down over coffee and scones (blueberry) and had a nice chat about my writing, my book, Shadow of Eden and quite a few other things. She is a very intuitive interviewer, which says a lot about her approach to her own writing. She asked about my interest in writing, some of the nuts and bolts about my plot, and slipped in a question or two about my family. Read it by clicking here.

Also, check out her web site describing her books by clicking here.


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Radio personality Terry Gilberg interviews Louis Kirby on Obesity

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Terry Gilberg interviews Louis Kirby

Terry Gilberg interviewed Louis on KFYI. It aired on October 19th but is available as an online version or as a downloadable podcast.

Terry hosts a fast and wide ranging discussion about obesity, why we eat too much and how the wrong foods that end up in our mouths. Louis discusses the science of obesity, the brain-gut connection, food addiction and how to eat less and lose more. Catch it online! Hear louis Kirby’s archived interview by clicking here.

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Interview by Joyce Strand

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Originally posted Thursday, October 10, 2013

WHAT THE EXPERTS SAY: Author Louis Kirby, MD

Joyce interviewed Louis about Shadow of Eden Joyce Strand posted this interview on October 10.

Joyce Strand interviewed me recently and posted her interview on her web site Strand’s Simply Tips. (Louis Kirby Interview). In it she asked some questions I had not been prepared for. Questions like Reviewer after reviewer praises your “heart thumping” action scenes in your medical thriller SHADOW OF EDEN. How do you create such suspense?


 How do you define a villain? Are villains relevant in SHADOW OF EDEN?

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