Louis’ Obesity Talk Now Posted!

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Louis Gives Talk on Obesity

Scientific article references included

On Friday, I gave a talk about weight loss, obesity and the science on why it is so hard to lose weight. I have uploaded it here because of the references and comments on the slides I wanted to make available. There is so much bad information posted even by physicians that I wanted anyone who was interested to be able to look up the scientific articles I read in preparation for the talk. See below for a quick summary of the talk.

Download the slides here: Obesity Talk Slides 

I am interested in Obesity and weight loss and Shadow of Eden is ample testimony of my interest in the subject. I am very concerned with the global increase in obesity and its attendant ills like diabetes and heart disease, all preventable.

We are addicted to Zombie foods

I coined the term Zombie foods for the highly processed, calorie dense and nutrient depleted food that used to resemble something living at some point in the past. Breads, pasta, Pizza, Cheeseburgers, fries, packaged foods laden with added fats, salt and sugar, sodas and candy are all Zombie foods and all are stalking our children, live in our refrigerator and pantries and threaten to eat us up from inside, literally! These foods are also the ones we crave. Did you ever say, lets go to the supermarket because I am craving apples or more likely, lets run through Jack in the Box and grab some tacos and a shake? Do you much grapes through a  football game or do you grab chips and wings?

Chronic Inflammation!!

Unfortunately these crave-worthy foods keep calling to us and asking us to eat them, and we do! and they cause our brains to release chemicals and neurotransmitters that increase our craving for them, lust like the crack head or alcoholic. That is why is is so damn hard to stop eating them.

In addition, they cause inflammation in the body and bloodstream that increases heart disease, diabetes, stroke and hardening of the arteries.

The good news is that if you eat  fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, lean meats, healthy oils (like olive), your body quickly reverses the inflammation and goes on the mend. So stay off Zombie foods and eat stuff that looks like it was alive at some time in the recent past and your body will thank you!


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