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Interview with author Lisa Towles now available

I am pleased to announce my new author’s interview on Lisa Towles’s blog, the Digital Raconteur (love the name). Lisa is a multitalented woman who is herself a successful author, and also produces video trailers and hosts her own blog. She is responsible for the video trailer on my home page. She was wonderful to work with and her production is of the highest standards.

In the interview she asks questions about how much of Shadow is fact and how much is fiction. Then, she tossed in an unusual question, How much of Dr. Steve James is based on your own experience as a doctor? I had to think about that a bit. Plus a lot more great questions.

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Upcoming Book – The Genesis Agenda

A just translated ancient Sumerian tablet launches a scientific expedition to discover the fabled Garden of Eden with an earthshaking secret objective but deadly forces intervene with only Rex, a derelict former scientist and ex-CIA bio-weapons expert, standing in their way. The Genesis Agenda weaves together Ancient Near East and biblical history with state-of-the-art science in a deadly collision of religion, greed and deception.

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New Interview by Patricia Zick Just Posted!

We spend some time talking about the antagonists in the book, a particular topic about which I am passionate. It takes a really good villain to make a great hero. Think Harry Potter’s Voldemort, Sherlock’s Moriority, and Skywalker’s Darth Vader.

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