Your airplane scene was stunning and credible. Valerie G reviewer

Diving plane dark rain clouds

. . . And then suddenly I am totally dragged into this world and fast-moving story that you have created and I am staying up late (!!!) to keep reading just a few more juicy chapters and don’t even want to read “Animal Vegetable Miracle” anymore (or do much of anything in the evening other than sip a cup of tea and continue plowing into it)!  I am actually somewhat mad at you, because it is so good that I am going to have to read it through, which might just jeopardize my ability to finish “AVM” on time for my book club discussion, and then won’t that be embarrassing!

Anyway, your airplane scene was stunning and credible (and I am a pilot) and I am much further along faster than anything I’ve read lately (including my friend Barry’s published thriller) and I even have the new Harry Potter sitting on my bedside waiting for me (which I think is torment for Jonathan, since he’s read it and wants to share that ending with me) but it can wait!  Your writing is just amazing and I am finding it hard to believe that you just whipped this off, in such perfect state.  It reflects a huge amount of hard work!  Are you sure you aren’t a professional writer just coming out from behind some prior pen name and now trying to impress those of us who don’t think of you as a writer?  If now, how in the world did you pull this off?

Anyway, while I have TONS of things I have to do, need to do and want to do, I thank you for giving me something that I really enjoy doing and which does give me some unexpected moments of sheer, titillating relaxation!



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