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Studio Joy Li Hosts Book Signing by Louis Kirby

Louis Kirby will be signing his book, Shadow of Eden, at world renowned fashion design Studio Joy Li in Scottadale Arizona. Stop by to meet Louis Kirby and see Joy’s striking and innovative styles. She creates timeless looks that project inner strength, beauty and confidence. Preview her collections at  Joy Li’s website

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Interview by Joyce Strand

Originally posted Thursday, October 10, 2013 WHAT THE EXPERTS SAY: Author Louis Kirby, MD Joyce Strand posted this interview on October 10. Joyce Strand interviewed

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Behind Shadow of Eden

SHADOW OF EDEN is my story told from the front lines of drug research and drug prescribing. I have looked at the dangers of drugs and drug research at eye level, held the hands of those affected by real damage from the drugs, yet I have also seen the amazing good that can be achieved by a new and beneficial drug. For my novel, I felt the real life consequences of ethical lapses could form the nucleus of a story that could be interesting, entertaining and informative at the same time. Didn’t Michael Crichton spend much of his career calling out the consequences of unchecked scientific hubris? But Shadow of Eden also takes the reader deep into the heart of international politics, of a president faced with a Tiananmen like massacre in China and how he chooses to manage it.

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